Three - Point Philosophy

Unique Process

Our process is unique yet simple. We set out to understand client investing aspirations and then build an investment plan to pursue those goals using independent strategies. Once we collect the important goal oriented information, we ask the client to help us define their tolerance for risk. This is followed by our analytical process of testing multiple asset allocation models to conclude which structure will provide the client with a sound plan. Next, based on market conditions we select the most appropriate combination among three investment pools to diversify the capital – namely the Insured Market, the Credit Market, and the Equity Market.

From this we seek to deliver positive risk-adjusted returns appropriate for our clients’ financial goals and risk tolerances.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Our process leads us to balancing a portfolio across a wide range of asset classes and sectors while allowing for adjustments in the overall exposure to each asset as market conditions evolve. We subscribe to the active investing approach, rather than the passive or buy-and-hold strategy (buy and hope). Circumstances in an investors life will change, and certainly change will occur in the financial markets, that is why our active asset allocation approach emphasizing tactical adjustments seeks to help our clients take advantage of opportunities in the markets, and manage downside risk, in an effort to achieve consistent long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Portfolio Management

We subscribe to a portfolio management methodology which combines a proprietary quantitative screening process with our experience in the financial markets. Taking into account current market conditions and economic trends, we review each client’s portfolio on an ongoing basis and evaluate possible adjustments. Whenever necessary, we are able to act efficiently on our clients behalf with a deep understanding of their goals and remaining focused on their bottom line.